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why website auditing matters?

Google never encourages slow, non-responsive or unloadbale websites, so here comes Octowl Media with website auditing services. Website auditing is a crucial step in our methodology. Without an audit your website can fall in the market of Google and that really sucks. Our evaluation consists of Website design and layout, Branding and use of colors, website technical errors, ON-site SEO (Site loading speed, keyword density, Metadata, duplicate content review, sitemap review), Off-site audit(domain age and authority, webpage authority, social media authority, Backlinks). Our team of experts involves into searching, analysing and guiding you with improving its status. Octowl Media we work with our client to generate quality social media campaigns that can drive the customers organically. Our team consists of specific channel experts, we are able to create and publish the high-quality content that consumers will surely like. We are the best Website Auditing Services In Dehradun.

Keyword density

It is important to plan and organize your keywords and sprinkle them all over your content. While auditing our team of experts will find your keywords and will guide you through the keyword density process.


Sitemap is really very important for your site. Google's crawler find it easy to read the content of your site if the sitemap is activated. Our team will take care of the sitemap too.



To gain higher ranking in Google, just writing down the content will not do the work, structuring the content is an important step before hitting the publish button. Our team of experts will create a robust structure related to your niche.


Image optimization

Google really don't like when the image size to heavy and the site is taking a longer time than expected. Our team will optimize images for you which are too heavy and eating seconds of the site to load.


design and layout

Google's bot(spider) will first index your website on mobile whether it is responsive on mobile or not. Our team will research through your website and submit a new blueprint of your website,if found any mistake


website structure

Our team will audit the structure of your website and share the information that will subsequently increase your ongoing performance strategy and giving a boost to your website that it actually needs

Our process:


Our team will perform an in-depth audit and analysis of your website. This evaluation will consist of on-site and off-site techniques. 


Next, our audit team will begin analyzing all the collected data and do a thorough research to have a deeper understanding of your website. Eventually the team will prepare a report of your website’s loopholes that are affecting it’s ranking.


After submitting you  the report, if you wish to continue then we can continue further with applicable charges.

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