advanced web analytics

advanced web analytics


The team at Octowl Media analyse by taking deep actions using various tools to pull the minor of the details that are generating any type of lagging, disturbance or any issue to your business. After thouroughly engaging with your website our team submit a report of recommnedations and about the next step to take.


The reports that our team present to you has complete transparency and can enhance your growth.


We’re are consistent in effectively planning projects while optimizing behavior. All the experts to draft out the business needs and complete commercial objectives of each of our client.


Octowl Media offers real time analytics, market analytics, in-page analytics, competitor auditing. We create a scenerio of techincal knowledge which is an effective way to understand the needs of your users while keeping in mind the features and functionality of your strategy for success. Our analytics include, custom filters, event tracking, funnel creation, visualization and improvement, conversion tracking, vistiors flow on your website and many other services depending on your company’s requirement.

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