Top 15 SEO Techniques for the year 2022

top 15 seo tricks for 2022

Ever thought of creating a blog or developing content for any organization then you are at the right place. What if you write an amazing piece of content daily, but you don’t get a handful number of users to read and appreciate your content. To make all these things possible, we have come up with this amazing blog decrypting 15 Best SEO Tricks helping to drive traffic to your website!!

SEO is something that needs your immediate attention if you want to enhance your Google ranking. If you want to increase your SEO by driving organic traffic to your page then it’s time to look upon it and get the necessary information about it.

According to the research, 75% of people don’t even visit the second website in search engines. So, if your website is not the first one you need to work upon it as soon as possible.

Here are the Top 15 SEO Techniques:

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  1. Create Faultless Content

If you had put out your content a few months back and have never visited it again to update it with new information then you will never reach the top ranking. Your audience who is searching for the information needs content that covers all the latest updates and information about that specific topic. Your content should be in simple language without any jargon in it, this will be beneficial for beginners.

Also remember to keep your content short, specific, and crisp. You must try to provide every data and update in the shortest possible form. Because people tend to leave out of a website because of long, explanatory, and yet confusing content.

  1. Improve the Quality of Keywords

Keyword research is the most important factor in SEO. The usage of keywords can increase your ranking rapidly but only if you use appropriate keywords. It is observed that the use of long-keywords (For Example Best Black Dell Laptop) will get you more traffic if you are a beginner. Because then it will reduce the chances of homonyms and immediately your website results at the top. If you are new to blogging & looking for the best free tools to help you with Keyword research, check out this free tool by Google that provides premium services to find the best keywords depending upon time, region, weather & various other external factors.

  1. Upgrade your Image Standard

Images or infographics are the trump card to make your website attractive. It is also beneficial for your readers to understand and relate to your blogs easily. The main reason is that it saves the user’s time and helps them understand the topic easily.

Apart from its attractiveness, you should also use images of accurate size and file format which will reduce your page loading speed.

  1. Increase your Page Loading Speed

Speed is also a factor in reducing traffic. Because it creates a negative impact on the user. Test your website speed through online services such as Pingdom. If you find it slow then check your website themes, plugins, image quality, and server. Research says that 80% of visitors don’t visit the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Less traffic due to slow speed can be a big waste of your time and hard work.

  1. Go Ahead for Blogging

Blogging can be an outstanding way to make your audience aware of your fresh post and new updates. It can also be the medium to communicate with your audience and get to know the things your potential audience is looking for. It also gives you the benefit of forming a large group of active readers for your website.

  1. Use User-Friendly language

Make sure you are writing and using terms that can be understood by visitors easily. Because you are posting content for the people that can be beginners and for them to understand technical terms is a difficult task to complete.

  1. Give Preferences to Mobile Devices

60% of Google searches come from mobile devices. So, you should give preference to mobile users as the majority of the audience uses mobile for surfing and this factor also affects your Google ranking. Try to keep your page compatible with mobile devices, so that users don’t face problems while surfing your page.

  1. Encourage Sharing

Every website and business should be active on social media. This point is well known by everyone and another point is that it can be a tool to drive traffic by huge numbers to your website. Wondering how?? If your website link or infographic is shared it can increase the people’s activity on your website. And increase their ranking. Keep on reading the top 15 SEO techniques and rank your website in no time.

  1. Keep a check on your broken links

One should keep a regular check on their broken link. Because it doesn’t look good when you provide your website link to visitors and it shows invalid or takes more time. It can add a negative remark about your website and can be a reason for a fall in your rankings. You can use tools like Dead Link Checker to search links with the error. They can help you fix it.

  1. Grasp the need for User

As a content creator, you must always keep a look at whether you are capable of filling the needs of your audience or not. Because at the end of the day if you can fulfill their needs then only, they will prefer your website to read the articles or get information. This will add on a plus point to increase your ranking.

  1. Use Title Tags effectively

When it comes to providing a title, one should keep in mind that you have only 65 characters to design the title if it exceeds then the rest will be cut off. It should be predictable, short, attractive, and if possible, use appropriate keywords.

Write it in a readable font and an eye-catching color. These are little things but add great value to the traffic.

  1. Increase the use of Internal Links

Use internal links as much as possible. Due to internal links, your audience can reach your homepage and drive traffic. When people will land on your attractive home page then they would be inquisitive and go through details and surf your page. And this increases the SEO ranking.

  1. Convert Images into Backlinks

Backlinking is a process through which you can bring the audience to your website through other pages. So, increase the use of backlinks and drive more traffic to your website.

  1. Build a Profile in Google Business

It takes less time but creates a huge impact based on ranking through your business account. Also, the audience can reach your website and drive traffic. It won’t take much time and you will have to add your information and set your business account.

  1. Make Attractive Landing Page

A landing page is something that creates the first impression of your website on the audience. So, it should be made as impressive as possible. Use your creativity to design it. Provide every information and raise the dwell timing of the audience to get a higher google ranking.


SEO tricks won’t fade in digital marketing and one should look after them regularly and use new tactics and tricks to increase the ranking.

Comment down what tricks you are going to use to drive traffic. If you liked this post, do share it with your friends!!

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