What Information Should You Provide on Your Plastic Business Cards?

What Information Should You Provide on Your Plastic Business Cards?

Are you planning on printing business cards? You need to know the kind of information you put so that your receivers don’t discard the cards after receiving them.

Good plastic business cards are the extension of the brand. It conveys the right details about who you are and what your business is about in a meaningful way. A good business card is not only the right tool to give information to your potential customers but also a way to connect with new potential customers.

So, here are a few tips that you can follow to place the right information on the business card.

As we said, plastic business card printing is an extension of the brand. The first thing you need to include is the tagline or logo. With it, you can convey your business identity to the cardholder.

You have to make sure that the brand is instantly recognizable. Use the right colors, shapes, and words. Each of these elements should be the heart of the branding. Your goal has to be to ensure you are related to the brand.

Functional Job Title and Name

It is one of the most obvious things you need to include in the business card. Put your name and not the name your friends call you by.  A business car is not meant to offer your genealogical details.

Rather, it is designed for introducing you to the people who might be interested in talking to you.

After you are done include the name, including the job title. Use the one that will describe the crucial function or main role of the business. In case you have to place credentials on the business cards, list them after the job title.

Contact Details

Contact details are one of the crucial things you need to put in a business card. In case you want people to get in touch with you, you need to tell them how. However, it is important to know which contact information you should include. The primary idea is to be direct.

Square business cards help in creating a personal connection between your business and your potential customers. Avoid breaking the connection by sending your callers through writers, phone menu, or shared email inbox.

But also make sure that you do not get too personal. Avoid giving out your personal email address.

The Website and Not the Homepage

Putting the web address on the business is not just to show people what you have got one nut to inspire people to connect with you. Use the business cards to impress your potential customers so that they visit your page, immediately.

Create a page on your website with a special Welcome Message. You can put a special offer for them. Create a page that will deepen the connection you have developed with them in person.

Include the URL of this page on your business card. Make sure that you keep it simple and intriguing.

Social Media Profiles

Social media channels are now indispensable for digital, as well as traditional business. In case you are not on social media, you do not exist in the eyes of the customers.

However, this doesn’t mean you should list all your social media account on your business card. You should give your prospects the opportunity to connect with you and your business and not be overwhelmed by your presence. Use the right strategy to list only those channels where your potential customers can get a good taste of what you do.

Bottom Line

No matter what information you choose to include in your square business card printing, you need to be creative with the design. By including the details we have listed above, you can expect to get the best results. But even if you use the correct details, if the business card looks boring and dull, no one is going to contact you. So, make sure it is attractive.

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