5 Major Problems Faced By a Digital Marketer in 2022


Digital marketing is at its peak period. It has become one of the most essential functions of every small and big business organization. From planning to execution, in every function of product development, digital marketing & digital marketers are required for the pre and post-brand positioning of brands.

But the execution of digital marketing is not an easy job. It required a lot of planning and strategy formulation. Sometimes the actual results may not be favorable. Today. I will tell you about the 5 major problems faced by a digital marketer in 2022.

Digital marketers have to take every step with a high level of responsibility and authority to get positive and favorable results from digital marketing activities. Today I will tell you about the 5 major problems faced by a Digital marketer.

1.   Major Problem- Budget

The very first major problem faced by every digital marketer is budget problems. Digital marketing is one of the major activities of the main marketing function of a business organization. But that budget can not fulfill all the requirements for the successful execution of every digital marketing strategy. Although Digital marketers are trained in budget management, the technological advancements, trends, competition, and web updates, make it difficult to fulfill every demand of successful digital marketing strategies.

The budget problem is one of the major problems digital marketers encounter.

2.   Major Problem 2- Performance Measurement Criteria

Another major problem faced by a digital marketer is performance measurement criteria. The metrics used by a digital marketer may not be accurate, it may give incomplete results. Every digital marketer uses different metrics for their performance measurements. In fact, there are some digital marketers who do not use any metrics.

They spent every resource on running and conducting digital marketing campaigns, but the performance measurement metrics gave negative results. The data report is not satisfactory. This may affect the enthusiasm of digital marketers. This is one of the major problems faced by a digital marketer.

3.   Major Problem Three-Matching Speed With Technological Advancements is Very Difficult

Another major problem faced by the digital marketer is difficulty in matching the speed with technological advancements. The pace of technological advancement is increasing day by day and the dependency of digital marketing on technology is also increasing day by day. For conducting a digital marketing campaign, the digital marketers plan every possible variable but matching with the technological advancement needs time and money. It may delay the whole digital marketing campaign. Hence, matching the speed with technological advancements is very difficult practically.

4.   Major Problem Four- Direct Impact on Sales & ROI

Another major problem faced by a digital marketer is that digital marketing activities have a direct impact on the sales number and ROI of a business organization. The result of digital marketing activities can be positive and can be negative as well. It means that it can have a positive impact on sales numbers and ROI of business organizations as well as a negative impact. Therefore, the digital marketer cannot afford the failure of digital marketing campaigns because it may affect the brand positioning of the organization.

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5.   Major Problem Five- Neck to Neck Competition

One of the major problems faced by a digital marketer is neck-to-neck competition. Today, the competition on the web is very high. The search engine rankings get changed in nanoseconds. It affects the overall performance of our website. In this scenario, Search engine Optimization proves to be a boon for digital marketers. SEO Audit of the website can help digital marketers in achieving high search engine rankings.

Dealing with neck-to-neck competition can only be done effectively by continuous scanning and monitoring of the business environment and SWOT analysis. Hence, digital marketers have to be proactive to deal with such neck-to-neck competition.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is a very vast and deep concept. Having some problems is normal for this amazing process. The main thing is the ability and patience of digital marketers to stay calm and active while dealing with such problems.

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