7 Exercises to Refine the Lower Body with Swimming & Lifeguard Class

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Swimming is a great way to lose body weight and make it strong and slim. Swimming, in general, is itself a good exercise but being under the supervision of a swimming instructor makes it more effective for you and trains you in different swimming exercises for different parts of your body. Here we are with swimming & lifeguard class.

Being a lifeguard instructor, I recommend lifeguard training for this purpose because the lifeguard instructors have the best knowledge about how to train your bodies while doing different types of swimming exercises. In this article, we are going to talk about a few exercises that will help you to refine your lower body.

Exercise 1: Thigh Toning With Armless Breaststroke

What are the benefits of breaststroke?It tones adductors, squats and quadriceps. Your thighs will become more muscular without getting fatter. The explanation is very simple: when swimming, the muscles are strengthened in the longitudinal direction, i.e. stretched. So even a few lengths of breaststroke will make your thighs smaller!

The exercise: Swim a few lengths breaststroke with the board and only work with your legs. This strengthens the resistance and your thighs, which are strengthened and strengthened.

Exercise 2: Kicking In Place to Strengthen Legs

Do you love cycling? Have you ever tried water biking before? Why not just pedal in the water without a bike? This exercise engages your hamstrings and gluts. You benefit twice over from the simultaneous hydro massage. The lifeguard training focuses on getting strong legs because strong legs make it easier to perform all kinds of tasks during lifeguarding.

The exercise: Get into a vertical position, ideally without standing. Now move your legs as if you were riding a bicycle. Alternate between pauses and very fast movements. Performed as interval training, this exercise is even more intense.

Exercise 3: One-Arm Crawl to Train the Legs

Front crawl is the ideal technique for beautiful legs! The soft leg kick required for smooth progress strengthens the muscles. And makes your legs slimmer. Because while the broad shoulders of swimmers indicate that the upper body gets a lot of exercise in swimming, that doesn’t mean that the lower part of the body is completely neglected.

The exercise: crawl a few lengths with one arm. The other arm lies close to the side of the body. You compensate for the lack of strength with a strong leg kick.

Exercise 4: Wave Butterfly (Undulation) Movement for Hamstrings And Abs

Not quite comfortable with the butterfly style yet? No panic. Our lifeguard training class has more exercise tips that will not only help you to make rapid progress in terms of technique, but also ensure a lean lower body.

The exercise: Lie prone near the edge. Now try to move as far as possible with the help of your feet in a wavy motion. The arms are stretched out in front. If necessary, you can use a swimming board for this exercise.

Exercise 5: Leg Kicks with Fins

Swimming with flippers strengthens the lower body. The leg kick itself is good, but with fins, the training effect for the legs is even greater. Why? Quite simply because of the higher resistance. Good to know: the longer the flippers, the more the muscles in your thighs and buttocks are strained.

The exercise: Crawl with fins. Try to swim long distances at a moderate pace. You can freely vary the rhythm to increase the intensity of the exercise.

Exercise 6: Leg Kicks In Place Lying On Your Back

With our lifeguard training, we offer more kicks! I warned you: leg kicks are best for anyone aiming for a lean lower body. In this exercise, we are not going for a swim with fins or board but staying in place. Your training, however, does not let you stand still.

The exercise: Lie on your back, your arms are crossed on your upper body, and your chin looks out of the water. Now kick your legs for as long as you can. Take a break from time to time and repeat the exercise several times. You are welcome to swim a few laps in between to train your legs further.

Exercise 7: Armless Breaststroke in Supine Position

Tired of leg kicks? That’s a good thing. We return to the breaststroke. In this case, however, you go into the supine position. This exercise is great for strengthening your inner thighs and slimming your legs. So: get in the water and let the fun begin!

The exercise: Lie on your back, and your arms are crossed over the board on your upper body. Now try to swim several laps with only the sternum kick. After a few lengths, switch back and forth between lying on your back and lying on your stomach.


Lifeguard training courses are a complete set of instructions on how to swim for the body fitness to perform your duties well in aquatic conditions. With all the above-mentioned swimming exercises to refine your lower body, In theory, you now know exactly what to do. So put on your bathing suit and get in the water. We wish you lots of fun and success with the swimming exercises included in our lifeguard training courses!

PS: The exercises can also be done on the beach 🙂

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