best seo company in India

What is SEO?

The internet has become a vast workplace for almost every big and small company. It is a very competitive industry that sees major ups and downs almost every day. To hold a prominent spot in this competitive workplace, website and business owners need to drive a lot of traffic to their pages. One way to increase your traffic is to stand at a recognizable place on different search engines. We are the best SEO company in India that helps in increasing organic traffic on your website. With SEO, you can improve your position on search engines.

Why SEO with the best SEO company in India?

SEO gives you the opportunity to reach out to your specific audience and meet their requirements. At Octowl Media, we are determined to help you in improving your SEO marketing strategy and increasing organic traffic on your website. We are a leading SEO services company based in Dehradun, India. We ensure proper conceptualization and execution.

With our help, you can connect with your potential customers and earn high rank on search engines, which increases number of clicks and improves organic traffic. Octowl Media uses the latest tools and innovative techniques to provide high quality services to their clients.

Octowl Media also provides other services like PPC, Social Media Marketing, etc.

best seo company in India

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the means to focus on the design, appearance and content of your website. Our SEO team analyses the condition of your website and recommendsappropriate improvements. The major changes involved here are keyword, audience targeting, page optimization and content-marketing.

Local SEO

Even if you are new to online business and have previously run a brick-and-mortar store, our SEO team can help you thrive. Our solutions allow you to compete with your local competitors and gain recognition among your audience.

Content Creation

Content is the most important part of your website. It is imperative to have optimized content that is 100% relevant and has keywords that can make your website SEO friendly. Our team will take charge of your blogs and sales friendly content.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO means the optimization of technical aspect your website. This includes improving Page Speed, Navigation, Website search and user-friendliness etc. With our expert help, you can improve your website’s technical issues and make it more credible for different search engines like Google.

E-commerce Solution

With the help of our expert SSO team, you can create a fully-functional, feature-rich and attractive online store that will increase your customer base, thereby increasing your position on search engines.

Website Migration

We can help you migrate your site and SEO to a better platform. In this way you can change your website as a whole without losing authority or SEO.

Off-Page SEO

Unlike on-page, off-page SEO takes place outside of the website. Working on relevant backlinks is a part of it. Our SEO team ensures that your website has the right connections and links with domain page authority that can help you grow.

Custom Website Design

Website design and appealing appearance also plays a vital role in increasing traffic to your website. We provide custom website design services to create impressive websites that will increase your SEO.

Our Work Process

Octowl Media is the Best SEO company based in India. From design to technical SEO and from content creation to website designing, we make sure that all the grounds are covered. We have a simple work process which can be customized as per our client’s needs. Connect with us if you are looking for long-term solutions for the SEO of your website.

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Project Analysis

When you connect with Octowl Media, the first step that our marketing team will take is analyzing and reviewing the current status of your website. In this step we take notes regarding any existing problem, possible necessary changes, content and design. We also evaluate your backlink profile so that our SEO team can have a better overview of your website and work accordingly.

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As soon as the SEO team has reviewed your requirements and needs for your website, we begin developing a framework of the work process. This includes step by step changes and development wherever it feels appropriate. We share the roadmap with our clients as well, so that they are updated with each step of the process.

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If everything turns out well with the analysis part, our SEO experts will implement the technical changes to your website according to the framework. These changes include keyword research, SEO friendly content creation, image optimization, website designing, migration (if required) and link building

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We deliver your success as a result of our dedicated and experienced work process. When we are done with efficient SEO building, you can see traffic being driven to your website. This will definitely increase your ROI.

Why choose the best SEO company in India?

Growth promising Services

Our experts here at Octowl Media have been determined to enhance our services so that our clients can get the benefit of quality services. Our team is dedicated to improving our work procedures in order to provide our clients with growth-promising services.

Experienced Experts

Our SEO experts hold years of experience. In addition to qualified and dedicated experts, we have worked with several companies over the years. This has provided the necessary experience to be the leading SEO company in India.

Transparent Services

All details about our work process, design, development and implementation are delivered to our clients on a regular basis. We believe in providing transparent services.

Frequently asked questions (Faqs)

SEO basically determines your position on search engines. To rank high in search engine results, we need to follow specific SEO norms provided by different search engines. Users put a lot of trust in search engines, so we need to follow their recommended SEO practices. The better SEO of your website, the greater the chance of having increased traffic to your website.

SEO Audit is one of the major steps in the methodology of Octowl Media. We do a thorough research of your website and its requirements. It includes everything from on-page to technical issues that might occur. We analyze your website might have like backlinks, metadata and content. And finally, we find the most effective solutions to improve your ranking on search engines.

Essentially, keywords are the words or phrases that hold the specific or significant meaning of your content. Keywords describe your content as a whole and they determine your rank on Google. Different search engines use keywords and their weightage in the content to analyze the relevance of the content. And directly impacts the SEO of the website.

Search Engine Optimization takes a long time to show results. It takes a few months for the search engines to build and grow your reputation on the crowded internet. According to our stats, you might see the results in 3 to 6 weeks after the updates are made.

There is a vast availability of different SEO tools in the industry. Our SEO experts use a combination of tools to take out the most relevant data from your website. We use different paid and free tools that have the potential to give the most accurate results as per your requirements.

Octowl Media is the Best SEO company in India. Our team have worked with different brands and clients over the years and we have gained immense experience to provide the top results to you. WE use different tools and technologies customized for our clients and their needs. And we guarantee quality service at genuine cost and in a limited time period.

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